Jackson's Hermitage

General Andrew Jackson

During the War of 1812 General Andrew Jackson led his troops through enemy territory to victory in several tide-turning battles.

In doing so, he greatly aided our nation's victory in the war. This led to the procurement of millions of acres in the present-day southern United States, including Florida. Just as significant, his victory ignited a spirit of confidence and patriotism across the nation at a time when it was desperately needed.

Early Military

Jackson's toughness and determination reminded his troops of a firmly rooted Hickory tree, and earned him the nickname “Old Hickory.”

In spite of his frequent disagreements with the government on military actions and of his ragtag troops who frequently tried to go home when their enlistment was up, Jackson caught the nation's attention by delivering the final blow to end the Creek War.


President Andrew Jackson firmly established that presidents could be more than just mere executives enforcing laws. He set the precedent of the president as the sole representative of “the people” and, as such, could wield power broadly to carry out their will.

Jackson laid the framework for democracy, paid off the national debt, gained new lands for America, strengthened relationships with foreign nations globally and issued a new currency.

Jackson's Legacy

Even today, Andrew Jackson is still awash in a storm of controversy. His life is full of contradiction, much like the country he helped build. One of his earliest biographers called him “a democratic autocrat” and “an atrocious saint.”

Without fail, every generation of historians has reshaped and revised our understanding of Jackson and will no doubt continue to do so. The reason is simple; Andrew Jackson is inextricably woven into the fabric of America.

The Age of Jackson

America during the Age of Jackson was a nation brimming with possibility and growing into a golden, young adulthood. Though born far from the wealth of the northern elite, Jackson was able to expand the powers of the President beyond any before him. The result was indelible changes in the government.

Though Jackson also fought hard to restore a nation of “We the People” and give voice to all those he represented as President, this expansion of democracy did not include everyone. Slavery remained a pervasive part of American society as did the continuing displacement of Native Americans. Opportunities for women and free blacks were still largely nonexistent under Jackson's presidency.

Nevertheless, Jackson helped to inspire a uniquely American sense of promise and hope; the idea that anyone can succeed through hard work and natural ability, rather than through unearned power and privilege.

Hermitage Mansion Tour

Included with admission | Interpreter-led

Walk though The Hermitage mansion guided by in-character interpreters to explore the house of Andrew Jackson restored with hundreds of his original belongings.

General Jackson welcomed many important visitors to The Hermitage throughout his life. Continuing his tradition, we welcome you to an enjoyable experience with family and friends as you tour Andrew Jackson's Hermitage – Home of the People's President. We offer many regular and seasonal tours and exhibits that are included with your admission ticket or available for purchase. Get more information about admission and hours to plan your visit.

Hermitage Museum Exhibits

Visit Andrew Jackson: Born for a Storm, the newly added Hermitage exhibit in the museum at The Andrew Jackson Visitor Center. The new Hermitage Museum exhibit provides a new look into the life of Andrew Jackson.

Active U.S. military members always receive free admission to The Hermitage (with active military ID).

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage
4580 Rachel's Lane
Hermitage, TN 37076

The Hermitage is just 20 minutes from downtown Nashville and 5 miles from both the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center and the Nashville International Airport.

From I-40 East, take exit 221A and follow Old Hickory Boulevard north until you see the entrance sign for The Hermitage on the right.

From I-40 west, take exit 221 and follow Old Hickory Boulevard north until you see the entrance sign for The Hermitage on the right.

Please note that Rachel's Lane is not accessible from Lebanon Pike.

Parking at The Hermitage is free.

This site is easily accessible for buses and motor coaches.

Coaches can unload and load guests at the entrance of the Andrew Jackson Visitor Center then park in the designated Bus Parking Lot.

Today's Hours:
8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Last ticket sold at 5 p.m.
Store Hours:
9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


4580 Rachel's Lane
Nashville, TN 37076


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